Author Guidelines for Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine:

Is it clever?
We publish poetry, short prose and visual art. We appreciate and consider anything that is well crafted. We seek cleverness in a unique format.  We prefer poetry that forces every word to pull its weight. Prose needs to be tight and gripping. We aren’t enamored with ‘gotcha’ endings or passive voice narrations. Visual art needs to have a unique message. Sunsets are out. So are nature pics that don't speak clearly. Erotica is never okay. Send us something interesting.

How do I submit for publication?
We only take electronic submissions through our Submittable link. You may submit up to three poems or one piece of fiction.  They must be as separate files and separate submissions. Otherwise, you drive our staff of first readers crazy and that is never a good thing.  Two pieces of visual art may be submitted without overloading our sensory systems. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but we need to be informed immediately when your work is accepted elsewhere.

Occasionally, the last line in a .doc file will vanish. Please type END, THE END, or //END// at the end of each submission. This ensures we see all of your submission.

It should go without saying that all work submitted must be your own original creation and not published anywhere else (like Facebook or a personal blog).

Please read ALL of our guidelines before submitting. 

Publication Schedule
Postcard Poems and Prose publishes 15 -18 online features each month. Reading period—January 1 thru December 31 (open submission call).

Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine claims First North American Rights for our online publication and First Anthology Rights for a print anthology for a period of 18 months. After that all rights revert to the author. If you use it somewhere else, we ask that you mention it was published first in Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine.

We are not a paying market. We wish it were otherwise. We pay out-of-pocket to keep the magazine afloat. Yes, we pay extra to keep our magazine ad-free. Authors and artists take precedence at Postcard Poems and Prose. We offer expanded author bios, comment sections, Facebook/Twitter Likes and Shares, and hyperlinks back to your personal website, blog, and works for sale. Look through our archives for examples.

Editorial Policy
We understand certain content may bother some people. We admit there are even things that bother us. The things that trouble us we simply don’t allow (after all, it is our publication). Overly graphic sex, completely-over-the-top violence, and hatred in any of its many forms won’t be considered. We encourage authors of that content to seek publication elsewhere.

What if I want to submit visual art?
Handwritten, machine typed, computer printed, calligraphy, pencil, pen, block printed, scrawled with a fine point sharpie, photo, digital creation… all these and more are acceptable. We are looking for unique and personal. It also needs to be readable as a JPEG file. You may have the skill to engrave the Bible on the head of a pin but that doesn't always translate well to a computer flat-screen or smart phone. 300 DPI is our preferred resolution. If you have questions about art submissions send us a note using the contact form.

What else?
Please include the sentence, “I am a rock star,” with your submission so we know you have read our guidelines.and separate submissions. 


Visual Art Submissions

All media forms are acceptable. However, things like sculpture and pottery don't feed through the wires of our ancient IBM Mainframe. (FORTRAN rocks!) So, we will need a jpg in 300 DPI. This enables us to resize to fit our available space format without dramatic loss of resolution.

What do we like? We are suckers for pen and ink, graphite, and acrylic marker things from your sketchbooks. We like photos OF art. Photos as art have considerably less appeal. If you send us a sunset or lake scene we will flame it as soon as we are done barfing. Asemic pieces are generally welcome. Sorry, no splashes allowed. Save that info for the bio we publish.

General guideline? Unusual is better than realistic. Erotica is unnecessary.

We are not currently paying for art. We do, however, publish full artist bios with links to their works for sale and a few examples of their work.

Prose should be fiction less than 220 words. We shouldn't need to tell you the story needs a beginning, middle, and end. Twists are great as long as they aren't contrived. 

Authors who haven't yet read our guidelines should click back and do so now.

Authors may submit up to 3 poems as individually attached .doc or .docx files. Each poem must be a separate submission. Poems should be accessible, rich in language, and less than two pages in length. Please send haiku to markets that specialize in them.

 Repeat: Each poem must be a separate submission. If three poems come to us as a single document our autoresponse will be to decline them...and that would be a terrible shame. 

Authors who haven't yet read our guidelines should click back and do so now.

Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine